One step towards normality!

I am delighted to say that both our churches, St Barnabas and St James the Less are now open every day for private prayer or just for somewhere quiet to sit.

Opening hours:

St Barnabas , Great Tey 9.30am to 4pm

St James the Less, Little Tey 10am to 4pm approximately

Services and a warm welcome

We are now able to have services in the churches provided we abide by all the Covid protocols. This is excellent news and we are so pleased to be able to welcome people once again. Without people the church buildings are just shells – you all bring them alive!

Hurray we are all able to sing again!

The church is taking a cautious approach to ‘unlocking’. A little at a time is the order of the day; sensible I think, given that we have some elderly and vulnerable members of the congregation.

However, we are so pleased that we can return to singing all together. We are going to keep masks on to begin with, but hope as time goes by, we will relax that too. Keep an eye on the website and R and A next month for further updates.

Service Times

For current services please refer to the Events page

Date of notice: 
Thursday, 15 April 2021