New rector required?

What is happening about a new rector now that John Richardson has retired?

Great Tey Church is a joint parish paired with Little Tey. We have also shared our rector with Wakes Colne and Chappel. As many of you will know, there is a shortage of clergy these days and most clergy have to look after even more than 4 rural parishes. The diocese is currently thinking how best to reorganise the parishes in this part of Essex, to make sure everyone has someone responsible for doing all the things that John used to do, without overloading any one clergyman or woman. Members of congregations and village communities will undoubtedly have to become more involved if they can.

In the meantime the PCC, and in particular the church wardens, will arrange for local clergy and lay volunteers to take services for us.

We will keep you posted via:

  •  the Parish Council and other village Facebook pages
  • ‘Round and About’
  • our Parish Magazine
  • on this website


Date of notice: 
Monday, 29 March 2021