Sale of the rectory

You might ask, "why do you need to raise more money when you are selling the Rectory?"

As many of you will know, the Rectory has been sold. However, the house was not owned by the parish. It belonged to the Church Commissioners, who look after the whole church estate. The Church commissioners contribute to the cost of having a vicar/rector so we do benefit indirectly when property that they own is sold off. We may to be given a relatively small amount from the sale price.

The PCC will be considering what best to do with these funds when they arrive. It will be bearing in mind that we do not know how much financial support we will get, in the future, for running the parish. As a result, we will want to put a considerable proportion of these funds away for a rainy day. We can only spend it once!

Date of notice: 
Thursday, 25 March 2021